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Tianjin IWHR Mechanical & Electric Technology Co., Ltd.


The Tianjin IWHR Mechanical & Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was built in 1979. In 2002, according to the requirements of the reform of the national science and technology system, it was placed under the administration of IWHR.

Main Business:

·   High efficiency hydraulic machinery (pump) technology

·   Intelligent pump and energy-saving technology

·   Intelligent sensor based on loT (Internet of things) of water conservancy

·   Automation components and equipment

·   Automation control system

·   Network security protection technology of industrial control systems

·   Inspection and evaluation of power transmission and distribution equipment, hydraulic mechanical, electrical and metal structure equipment

·   Equipment and techniques for disaster prevention and rescue

High Efficiency and Energy Saving Laboratory of Pump

Network Security Attack and Defense Confrontation Display Platform of Industrial Control Systems

Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Intelligent Wireless Remote Water Meter

Lighting truck of disaster prevention and rescue

FZLQ Automatic Water Filter

TCP-Z Type Mobile Trailer Pump

Mobile Pump

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