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Beijing IWHR-KHL Co., Ltd.


Company Introduction

The Beijing IWHR-KHL Co., Ltd. (IWHR-KHL) was founded in 1993 as a technology-oriented enterprise. With the technical support of IWHR, the Company has developed the GB waterstop structure and the brush-coated flexible waterstop structure as well as a series of GB waterstop materials, which have been successfully applied in more than 100 concrete faced rockfill dams (CFRDs) in the world, such as Shuibuya, Zipingpu, and Liyuan in China, Bakun in Malaysia, Nam Nugm II in Laos, Mazar in Ecuador, Gelevard in Iran, Merowe in Sudan, and Glendoe in Scotland.

Applications of GB waterstop materials at Typical CFRDs

·   Shuibuya CFRD of 233m high is the highest CFRD in the world. The total leakage is less than 60L/s.

·   Zipingpu CFRD of 156m high has successfully withstood the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake (Ms=8.0). The total leakage after the earthquake is less than 50L/s.

·   Bakun CFRD of203.5m high is the highest CFRD in Southeast Asia. The total leakage is less than 80L/s.

·   Liyuan CFRD of 155m high is the first one to use in large scale brush-coated flexible waterstop in the world. The total leakage is less than 30L/s.

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