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Research Center on Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction


The Department of Water Hazard Research was established in 2001. It is the main-body of the Research Center on Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction, the Ministry of Water Resources of China. Its researches focus on developing theories, methodologies and techniques for flood and drought management.

The Department has 30 staff members in 5 research sections, including 8 professor-level senior engineers, 7 senior engineers, and 9 engineers. There are 12 members having a doctoral degree, and 16 having a Master's degree.


Section of Flood Management and Disaster Reduction Policy

·   Laws and planning of flood management

·   Emergency preparedness for flood and management of risk areas

·   Management of flood from mountains

·   Management of flood retention areas

·   Resource formation of flood and countermeasures of management

·   Flood risk demarcation, assessment and flood risk mapping

·   Mechanical standard system of flood control and drought control




Section of Decision Making Support Technology in Flood Control

·   The decision making support system of flood control

·   Flood risk mapping

·   Flood forecasting and dispatching model

·   3D decision making support system

·   Ice flood decision making support

·   Flood control planning

·   Decision making support platform for urban flood forecasting and pre-warning

The simulation model for flood in river bay areas


Section of Engineering Technology in Flood Control and Disaster Reduction

·   Fundamental theories of flood control engineering

·   Planning of river eco-restoration and protection

·   Safety assessments of flood control projects

·   Inspection of sudden dangers and defects of flood control projects

·   Emergency protection technologies in dikes and dams


Section of Drought Management and Countermeasures

·   Standard of drought disaster and drought control preparedness plan

·   Risk assessment of drought disaster and insurance of drought disaster

·   Theory and application of urban drought control management

·   Policy and strategy of drought control

·   Information management system of drought control

The comprehensive drought monitoring and alert system analyzing the 2019 drought in Anhui Province of China

Section of Water Hazard Emergency Management

·   Theoretical structure and technical support for water disaster emergency preparedness plan

·   Flood risk demarcation and theory and method of flood risk assessment

·   Pre-warning of extreme weather incidents and safety protection technique of flood control engineering projects

·   The function of reservoir projects in water disaster emergency management and assessment

·   The application of computer and GIS techniques etc. as related to water disaster emergency management

The numerical simulation of water flow in dam-break based on Godunov's scheme

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