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Earthquake Engineering Research Center


The predecessor of the Center was established in 1978 as the Department of Earthquake and Blasting Engineering, its present name was established in 1997. The Center has an A-Grade Certificate for Seismic Safety Assessment of Construction Engineering Projects issued by the China Seismological Bureau. It conducts researches on critical issues in fields such as basic theories of engineering anti-seismic application and engineering technology. It is the chief or participant editorial agency of Code for Seismic Design of Hydraulic Structure, Code for Strong Earthquake Monitoring of Hydraulic Structure, Code for Dynamic Test Regulation of Hydraulic Structure, and other anti-seismic standards.

The Center has 2 sections with a staff of 24, among whom are 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 professor-level senior engineers, 11 senior engineers, and 4 engineers. Of the employees, 9 have a doctoral degree and 6 have a Master's degree.


Section of Anti-Seismic Engineering Structure

·   Key anti-seismic technologies of gravity dam, arch dam and other hydraulic structures

·   Anti-seismic study on large-scale hydropower station and pumping plant house

·   Study on dynamic properties of full-graded dam concrete material

·   Key technologies of earthquake resistance, absorption and isolation for large-scale inverted siphon, aqueduct and other water conveyance engineering structures

·   Earthquake resistance and absorption measures for large-scale civil engineering construction, underground structure, and high-rise building

·   Anti-seismic safety computational analysis and anti-seismic test evaluation of power facilities and nuclear power facilities

Anti-seismic Test of Large Oil Tank Model

Dynamic Model Test of Longyangxia Gravity Arch Dam

Dynamic Model Test of Nanjing International Mall


Section of Engineering Seismology

·   Stability assessment and earthquake hazard analysis of regional geological structure; reservoir-induced earthquake

·   Strong earthquake observation, on-site quake measurement, and earthquake information management for large hydropower projects

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