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Department of Water Resources for Pastoral Areas


Founded in 1979, IWRPA is located in Huhhot City. It is the main body of the Ecological Research Center of Water and Soil Conservation in Grassland Area of the Ministry of Water Resources of China. IWRPA mainly focuses on the prominent problems such as water shortage in pastoral areas, ecological environment delicacy and relative backwardness of socio-economic development. With the protection of grassland ecology and the sustainable development of pastoral areas as its objectives, IWRPA is mainly engaged in the research of the basic theory of water resources application technology, integrated application and extension.

IWRPA owns the experimental center which has got China Metrology Accreditation and a monitoring and experiment base of water and soil conservation and ecology of grassland. The experimental center conducts the testing of wind power, solar power and pump performance as well as the monitoring and analysis of the physical and chemical indexes of water, soil, grass and nutrients.

TWRPA has four sections with 131 staff members. Among them, there are 7 professor-level senior engineers, 31 senior engineers and 40 engineers.

Monitoring and experiment base of water and soil conservation and ecology of grassland


Section of Water Resources and Water Environment

·   Optimized deployment and sustainable utilization of water resources in pastoral area

·   Comprehensive utilization of multiple water-sources and the improvement technology of water quality

·   Technology of water finding in water shortage areas

·   Bearing capacity of water environment of pastoral area and the technology of comprehensive governance

Nuclear magnet resonance (NMR) water finding instrument


Section of Grassland Irrigation

·   Theory and technology of regional balance among water, grass and animal husbandry

·   Integrated technology of water-saving irrigation and high-yielding forage

·   Water physiology of forage and the technology of efficient use of water

·   Natural grassland irrigation and ecological water demand of grassland

Forage irrigation


Section of Water and Soil Conservation and Ecology of Grassland

·   Soil erosion and ecological degradation mechanism of grassland

·   Comprehensive technology of ecological restoration of degraded grassland

·   Monitoring and simulation technology of grassland water and soil conservation

·   Water and soil conservation and regional ecological environment effect

Ecological restoration of grassland


Section of Clean Energy and Water Supply Facility

·   Resource evaluation of wind power and solar power

·   Technology and facility of the utilization of off-grid wind power and solar power

·   Key technology of water supply for drinking water safety in pastoral area

·   Pastoral area water supply mode and its comprehensive technology

Solar power station

Water quality analyzer

Pump laboratory

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